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  1. 2009.11.12 Gwangalli beach
2009.11.12 18:45

Gwangalli beach

Gwangalli beach lies in the heart of Busan city, which takes after passion of South Pacific Ocean. It is located in Gwangan 2-Dong, Sooyoung-Gu, Busan metropolitan city, which is west of Haeundae beach. It is fine sand beach, which is 1.4km in length and 64m in width. You will find fish in the clear seawater. This beach is being loved by many young people. You can enjoy not only swimming but fancy restaurants, cafes and clothes shops so that this spot can easily beat downtwon of the city. There are lots to eat and see here, which will make your holiday more enjoyable. Also the view of Gwangan Bridge at night is fantastic at night time. The streets are full of romantic cafes and three hundred raw fish restaurants alng the beach. You can also enjoy lots of festivals such as Busan Sea Festival on the outdoor stage. You might go fishing to Sooyoung river near the beach and taste fresh raw fish there. You can go yachting in Olympic Yachting Center. There are good accommodation facilities alng the beach. You can stay in hotels along the beach. You could also use youth hostel located in Geumryeun mountain near the beach, if you are on budget travel.

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